Your story is our story

We are a team of former and future caregivers. We want to be the support system families can rely on throughout their caregiving journey.

Carely is supporting the faily caregiving experience.

We are committed to simplifying care communication for families and connecting them to the information they need to make informed care decisions with their loved ones.

Our Team

Here is a space for some fantastic words about our amazing team and wonderful culture and all of that type of fun stuff.

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Mike Eidsaune

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Eidsaune

CEO & Co-Founder

Jared Fleener

CTO & Co-Founder

Christina Best

Editor In Chief

Courtney Wurtz

Senior Platform Developer

Gabriel Kelly

Head of Design

Zach Yomboro

Head of Video Production

2019 Caregiving Visionary Award Winner:

Mike Eidsaune

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