September 24, 2020

Meet Matt Perrin, Carely’s New Head of Growth

At Carely, our mission is to help families and professional care providers collaborate to give the best quality of life for their loved ones. And our team brings the passion behind this mission. As the caregiving industry evolves, we are excited to expand our team so we can provide even more value to our care provider partners and family caregivers.

We’d like to introduce you to Matt Perrin, Carely’s new Head of Growth. In his role, Matt will oversee the company’s sales and partner-relationship activities, as well as drive market share growth for both the Carely Family and Carely Community apps across the long-term care industry. As the founder of Ro & Steve, bringing Matt on was also part of Carely’s strategic decision to acquire Ro & Steve. 

We spoke with Matt about his background, inspiration and vision for Carely, as well as how his experience and passion will help us change the caregiving landscape.

Tell us about your background and early career path. What drew you to work in the caregiving space? What are the foundations you’re bringing to this role?

Matt Perrin: It’s definitely a combination of my personal and professional experience. 

On the personal front, I'm in the midst of my journey as a family caregiver. In 2016, I stepped into a full time caregiving role when my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it was clear she could no longer live alone. That same year, my father-in-law was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and my wife Lindsay became his primary caregiver, and he still lives with us in our home today. My personal experience as a caregiver right up til this moment gives me a unique perspective and reservoir empathy for caregivers I wouldn't have otherwise. It was also during the time that my wife and I became primary caregivers that our idea for the senior living and care review site, Ro & Steve was born.

Before founding Ro & Steve and until about 4 years ago, I worked for technology and media companies in go-to market roles; working with new clients/existing clients and applying technology to solve business problems. That’s what Carely’s doing with Carely Community -- solving problems for providers and keeping families/residents enrolled. The experience I gained in those 15 years (working for publicly traded technology companies and startups) stoked my curiosity and hooked me on using technology to solve business problems.

I've been fortunate to be a part of some successful startup teams. A common thread of all them has been the energy that courses through a small team with a shared commitment to solving an important problem. Carely has this and it's a big reason why I'm so happy to be joining the team. It’s an opportunity to work with a fantastic group of people committed to solving the important problem of connecting families around a loved one’s care and their service providers. I feel that gap every single day in my life as a caregiver.

What is it about Carely that made you excited to join the team?

Matt Perrin: I think it really comes down to the alignment of our respective missions. With Ro & Steve, we were determined to make the family caregiving experience less lonely and make the process of finding the right senior living and senior care more transparent.

Family communication -- in the context of a senior living community -- is thought of as one piece of this broader bucket of family engagement. There are some tools out there that do great things, but it’s also important to communicate with families and understand that a resident of a senior living community is more than just a resident. They’re a part of a family unit that are invested in their loved ones' care and always need to be informed. That singular piece of communication often gets lost in this broader world of resident senior living engagement. What gets me excited is that Carely is focused on the communication piece. They keep the family of residents informed and living it every day is invaluable. As it stands now, I get one email a week from my mom’s community -- but it doesn't really keep me informed about how she’s doing day-to-day. And in my mom’s case, she doesn’t have the ability to articulate to me what’s happening. So having objective input for other stakeholders in her care is a game changer. And that's what Carely’s doing.

What is your goal for Carely in this new role?

Matt Perrin: I have several goals in mind as I jump in, but I will start with two main objectives. Big picture, I want to have every care company across the country using Carely Community for the benefit of their staff and residents and families. On the flip side, I want to have every family of caregivers in the US using Carely Family. As a user of the app, it has made my life better and I am a firm believer that it helps. There are a ton of people in a similar situation to my own and I’m on a mission to help them find solutions that work for them in their loved one’s care circle. 

Interested in learning more about the Carely Family or Carely Community platform? Email Matt at

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