We help LTC organizations build meaningful connections with families.

Carely Community is designed to bring you and the families you work with closer so that everyone is on the same page about care.

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Case Studies

Carely has been very beneficial to our facilities, in particular at Victoria House.

As the COVID pandemic has so seriously restricted visitation, our families have really gravitated to the Carely platform to keep in touch with their loved one and the facility team.

This has also been a HUGE time-saver for staff by utilizing the community messaging to keep families up to date in a fraction of the time. Really great to see!

Mark Morely

COO, Continuing Healthcare

We truly didn’t notice there was a gap in our communication with families until we had the Carely app. Now that we do, we realize we were missing many opportunities to highlight the excellent care their loved ones are getting in our community.

We took for granted that we could see the smiles and enjoyment on a daily basis and now being able to share those moments with families has been wonderful.

Family members who are on the app, especially those from out of town, thank us all the time for posting pictures and updates.

Nicole Jemming

Executive Director, The Springs at Whitefish

Before Carely Community, I would only be able to show them what their loved ones are doing once a quarter during their service plan update.

Carely really connects us to families on a daily basis. I get such great satisfaction when I am able to show families how involved their loved ones are in our programs; that they are active within the community.

I can show them daily! We’ve had a great response to the app and how easy it is to use. I have been glued to it 😊

Tonya Kish

Director of Life Enrichment, The Springs at Butte


Increase family engagement by 20x and increase lifetime value of each resident and client.

Streamline family communications and save 100's of hours of time.

Beautiful, simple, award winning design that drives adoption. NO learning curve.


Supercharge family outreach using community-wide posts

Since we all live in different parts of the country, everybody is finding great benefit in keeping touch this way.

Mark Morely

COO, Continuing Healthcare

Amplify Relationships with 1 on 1 Family Communication

Carely has been the next best thing to being there in person with our family member residing in assisted living during the Covid-19 quarantine.  We love the real-time communication, photo sharing and care updates.  The integrated communication has given us tremendous peace of mind during these unprecedented times.

Kerry Mushkin

Family Member at Assisted Living Community

Save time with secure messaging

The Carely platform saves us so much time and has been a wonderful tool during the ever-changing landscape surrounding our necessary Coronavirus precautions.

Nicole Jemming

Executive Director, The Springs at Whitefish

Keep your organization on the same page with team notes

The app has allowed us to have faster response times to families and what is even better is that other departments can see the communication and add to it if needed.

Tonya Kish

Director of Life Enrichment, The Springs at Butte

Deliver more value to families with the provider page builder

We believe Carely improves communication and quality of life for our patients and their families. We love that we can brand it to our own organization!

Kerry Hamilton

Chief Strategy Officer, Ohio's Hospice

Carely Community Pricing

Easy to understand, easy to budget, and transparent with no surprises.

Here is a space for some fantastic words about our amazing team and wonderful culture and all of that type of fun stuff.



/ month / location

*$1,000 per year with annual billing
Full Family Engagement Platform
  • All of the Free Features +

  • Individual Family Communication

  • Secure Messaging

  • Team Communication

  • Premium Support

  • Data Aggregation

  • Organization Management

  • Premium Provider Page Modules

75 / 75 Incentive

Because adoption drives value, we'll reward you for it. Achieve 75% adoption in your community and we'll lower your monthly payment to $75

*Only available to certain provider networks

Frequently Asked Questions


Why buy from you? What makes you special?

There are a lot of choices when you look at “Family Engagement” solutions, however, true engagement comes as a result of building a product that is focused entirely on the consumer experience. In order to get families to engage, you first have to build a product that is engaging.


Who are you all anyway?

We are a team of current and former caregivers,  current and former LTC operators, and technology entrepreneurs. We believe in Patient and Family Centered Care; Beautiful, high quality, consumer first, product design; Building a platform across the LTC continuum; and empowering LTC providers through intuitive and efficient products.


How long will this take to implement?

We've made sure that implementing Carely Community is very easy. Once you get signed up, it takes 1 to 2 hours to get everything and everyone started (and that's being conservative).


Are there training costs?

Absolutely not. We get it, implementing an EMR is hard. This is not that.


How much does it cost? Are there hidden fees?

Pricing is completely transparent and you can pay monthly or annually whichever works best for your budget.


Does it integrate with other systems?

Yes! Integrations are a priority for us.  Currently we are integrated with PointClickCare and are working to bring on more systems in the future.


Do you provide Training and support?

Yes. While we believe the learning curve is pretty straightforward, we have a library of resources and videos to help you and your team get started. Also, everyone on our support team is 1 email or 1 text or 1 phone call away.


How can I present this to my leadership?

We have lots of support material that can be helpful, however, we've found that just sending them to this site, typically works the best. We can also setup team demo's.  


Is it HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Carely is fully HIPAA compliant, in fact here's some technical jargon to confirm: 256 Bit Encryption, BAA with Google Cloud, and OAuth for secure user management.


Is there a Long-term contract?

No, it is totally flexible. Depending on your billing option (Monthly or annually), is how we set your agreements. You're simply paying for the months you want to use it.


Is the Free version REALLY free? What's the catch?

Yes, there is no hidden trick here. We wanted to make sure that every organization could utilize our platform to improve healthcare and we didn't want price to be a reason not to. The Free version has a ton of great features that can drive significant value for any organization that uses it.


If I don't like the premium version, can we downgrade?

Yes, absolutely.  


How many team members do I need to have active on the system?

This is entirely up to you and can change as you like. There are no fees for adding team members and we've seen organizations have a lot and we've seen organizations have very few. It's up to you!

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