August 18, 2020

Carely Acquires Virtual Caregiving Support Site,

DAYTON, OH (August 18, 2020) -- Carely, Inc., a platform of tools for caregivers and professional care providers, announced today that with the help of leading investor, Guidance Health, it has an agreement in place to acquire, an online community for family caregivers. The acquisition fits into Carely’s strategy of enhancing the family caregiving experience by connecting them to the resources they need to make informed care decisions with their loved ones.

As an entity of Carely, Inc., will offer both community and tailored resources for caregivers, whether they need guidance on selecting a care facility, advice for their latest challenge or words of support from the community. Driven by care, and not referral fees, the acquisition enables Carely to offer a larger umbrella of resources and provide more comprehensive support to caregivers.

“Being a loved one’s caregiver can be an emotional, confusing time, and this partnership with enables us to replace uncertainty with guidance and support,” said Michael Eidsaune, Founder and CEO of Carely, Inc. “Today, many caregiving online resources have become so driven by corporate interests that a simple inquiry turns into a barrage of sales calls and misaligned incentives driven by referral fees. It doesn’t benefit families or the senior housing providers to have such an aggressive customer service strategy. We’re changing that.” was founded in 1996 by Denise Brown. Many of the existing components of the site will remain but Carely’s deep experience in technology will usher in a new level of focus on family caregivers and their needs.

“We’re excited for this next phase of growth, as we’re continuously looking for ways to better support the evolving needs of caregivers,” said Kent Anderson, President and CEO of Guidance Health. “I am optimistic that this collaboration will advance the mission we all share: to help family caregivers.”

The transaction was completed as of August 1. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The Carely brand also includes a free app for caregivers and a platform tool for care providers which enables staff to send text and photo updates to individual families, as well as share community-wide announcements, allowing for more time to focus on resident care. The platform, Carely Community, is also integrated with popular EMR services, like PointClickCare to streamline communication processes. This platform has seen significant increased demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As far as our work with Carely Community and the Long Term Care industry, our commitment will remain the same: bringing families and professional care providers closer together through effective care communication and coordination,” said Eidsaune. “This acquisition will revolutionize patient and family relationships with healthcare providers and organizations, as they’ll be able to leverage our platform to build deeper, more transparent and more upstream relationships with family caregivers.”

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