In January, our CEO, Mike Eidsaune, sat down with Ohio's Hospice of Dayton’s CEO Kent Anderson. Kent has been a supporter of Carely since day one, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the feedback he’s provided over the years that’s encouraged us to continue to innovate the senior tech space. Here, we talk hospice trends, tech’s role in hospice, and Kent’s extensive concert-on-DVD collection.

Hospice Trends Speaking about the hospice and palliative care industry as a whole, Kent feels that our healthcare system has become more value-based. It’s a trend he’s excited about, but he also recognizes the importance of being adaptive and progressive, particularly given the changes that are likely to happen to our economic model the next few years.

Technology’s Role in Hospice “Caregivers and families are vital to outcomes” says Kent. These individuals sacrifice a great deal of time and resources caring for loved ones, and technology can help reduce some of the burden placed on caregivers. While technology will never replace the “high-touch” level of care Ohio's Hospice of Dayton and its affiliates provide, it can “help our staff become more efficient, while still being effective.

Adopting New Technology Being city-based, Kent’s organization has been able to adopt and implement new technologies more readily. On investing in Carely: “I went to the board and said ‘We have to start to make small bets, and we have to participate in the development of this technology if we want it to be meaningful to us.’” Taking “small bets” on Carely and other non-traditional instruments has enabled Kent’s team to stay current with the care they provide to patients and families. Kent’s advice for organizations with fewer resources? “If you can’t do it yourself, work with others to mitigate some of that risk. We’re open to partnerships that bring technology or services, like Carely, to [our families].”


Supporting the Dayton Community As a leader in both the Dayton and hospice communities, Kent recognizes the importance of supporting local entrepreneurs. “It is part of my responsibility to this organization that we support our local economy,” says Kent. He also encourages other industry leaders to stay open-minded to meetings with local entrepreneurs because “you never know” what partnerships might arise that can help an organization provide better care to its patients and families.

Anderson’s Inspiration “The older I get, it’s not only important what I do but who I’m doing [it] with,” says Kent. His team and the Hospice of Dayton board “are really committed to [the] mission, community, and staff.” Kent also draws inspiration from his wife Terry, whom he’s been married to for 32 years. He cites his faith and his enthusiasm for the Dayton community as additional sources of motivation.


On “Music Appreciation Nights” When asked about one thing people might not know about him, Kent mentions his love music. This passion led him to accrue a collection of 500 concerts on DVD, which he started 20 years ago. Anderson has digitized every concert. And, in order to properly appreciate his collection, Kent and his wife host “music appreciation nights.”

Final Thoughts Kent has such a passion for what he does and a deep-rooted belief in his company’s mission, to the point that it’s contagious. No matter what challenges the industry faces--whether legislative, economic, or otherwise--hearing his perspective gives the Carely team confidence in the future of hospice. Kent’s enthusiasm for our organization and his adoption of tech in hospice care are what we believe set him apart as a thought leader in this industry.