As digital marketing continues to make in roads in hospice marketing, deploying lead magnets will increase your brand following and engagement which will help you develop trust with families as they make the tough decision to have their loved one enter hospice care.Digital Marketer defines a lead magnet as "an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. The goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer."

Seems pretty straight forward. Create something of value that your potential families will want to have that is worth them providing their email and other contact information. While you could use a physical item as a lead magnet, this post is about digital content, so we will assume that the something you create will be easily emailed or downloaded to your users.

As you are looking for topics that would make great lead magnets, think through questions that you and your peers get asked often. As I am sure you are aware, your current families are giving you unbelievable insight into the minds of potential clients. Listen for questions that start with how and what. While families who have a loved one in your care can have questions that cover a wide spectrum, how or what questions that are more logistical than clinical can be converted into a lead magnet.


Now that you have created the title, you will need to create the digital content. Keep it short and simple. If you are looking to outsource some of the design work, take a look at a site like Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can post the job for as little as $5 to get the digital file completed. Often times a book cover will be created to accompany the lead magnet. This book cover is a great tool to use when advertising your lead magnet.


Once you have the digital assets, you will need to set up a website that will allow for you to have a form that the users can submit to sign up for the lead magnet. Often this type of webpage is called a lead page. Leadpages is a high-quality service developed for these types of pages. Leadpages has hundreds of templates available that do not require making any coding changes to fit your brand standards. They also have great online instructions on how to execute a lead magnet with their service.

The final piece to the puzzle is getting this opportunity in front of potential users. You can decide to use Facebook, Google, Twitter or other social platforms to push this message organically, or spend some money on paid ads. Just remember: keep the message simple and get them to click through to your lead page!

And that is it. This is a pretty straightforward way to offer something of greater value to your clients while also allowing you access to a client's email address. What you do with the email address after you gain it is a post unto itself. But if cared for and nurtured properly, you can take these leads generated by a lead magnet and convert them into future clients.

Additional information provided by It is a great read. I hope you check it out!