Keeping everyone in the loop when caring for a loved is a full-time job. Carely's easy-to-use interface--similar to what you see on Facebook--keeps your family on the same page and updates them on the care of your loved one. Below, are our top 4 picks for how Carely simplifies some of your caregiving responsibilities.

1. The Care Feed

The first thing you'll see when you're logged into Carely is the Care Feed. The feed is at the heart of your in-app experience. It provides a chronological listing of all messages, photos, and visit reports created by you and those in your Care Circle. Even better? The app allows you to comment on any of these posts, so you can stay up-to-date with everyone in your Care Circle.


2. The Calendar

Our most requested feature, the calendar shows you a quick snapshot of past and future visits. Clicking on a date will show you a quick preview of that day’s activities, and clicking on a specific visit report will show you all the details. Communicating about who is visiting your loved one and what they are going to be doing has never been easier.


3. Your Care Circle

Supporting your loved one is a group effort. The Care Circle is where you can see everyone responsible for your loved one's care. Clicking a Care Circle member's photo will provide you with relevant contact information. You can reach out to your fellow caregivers directly via the app. Clicking the "Details" link in the top right corner of the app will show you a list of all care participants.


4. Your Provider Page

Say goodbye to digging through piles of paper to find information about your loved one's care provider. By clicking on the care provider's logo within the app, Carely gives you direct access to their phone number, email, and website.