Earlier this year, Carely's CEO, Mike Eidsaune, lived at a Brookdale senior living community as part of the company's Entrepreneur in Residence program. The purpose of this program is to give entrepreneurs developing products and services for seniors the opportunity to move into a senior living community for a short period of time so they can better understand the true wants and needs of the aging. This program falls under Brookdale's "Rewiring Aging" initiative, which seeks to enrich seniors' lives through technology.

Eidsaune was the first to take part in Brookdale’s Entrepreneur in Residence program--exercising, socializing, and dining among people five decades his senior at Brookdale Kettering in Dayton, Ohio. He had the following to say about his experience:

"This opportunity helped me understand the residents’ needs in a way that would simply not be possible otherwise. Entrepreneurs design based on their own experience, so if they are just coming out of college or graduated recently, they generally aren’t thinking about the needs of the aging. This initiative is a great example of a program that can give this perspective and inspire more start-ups to devote their energies to seniors.”

Below, Eidsaune elaborates on his time at Brookdale Kettering.


Eidsaune also produced a video blog daily about this experience:

More information about the Entrepreneur in Residence program can be found here.